Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby owls return home

Briefly: the 4 baby barn owls discovered by a passerby yesterday morning, were reunited with their parents this afternoon.

Thanks to Patrick, with Peninsula Humane Society, for stabilizing the birds and making sure they were hydrated and fed over night while we located their home and made arrangements to return them.

Thanks to our volunteers, Max and Brennan, who returned the babies to their home barn today! 


  1. Wonderful!!! What a contrast with the story in Santa Barbara of how two Lompoc teens (17-years-old)"mercy killing," the mother of one claimed, with a two-by-four of four baby barn owls found in some hay they delivered to the Sheltering Oaks Wildlife Sanctuary in Lompoc.

    The DA is looking into it but because they are juveniles, probably nothing will happen to them. The local paper, the SB News-Press has reported on this.

  2. Do you have the link to that story? We've been looking for it.